Best Male Enhancement Methods Review

Studies have shown that most men are interested in male enhancement. In fact these studies show that most men are not satisfied with their penis length or their sexual performance. They are also dissatisfied with the firmness of the erect penis, but are unwilling to talk with their doctor about what they perceive as a problem.


The adult entertainment industry is full of ads for products and programs for the enlargement of penis. The products include pills, extender and patches that claim they will cause penis growth. These claims range from the scientific to the outrageous.

Is male enhancement safe?

Yes it is 100% safe, obviously you have to be careful and avoid the dangerous techniques. Below we talk about male enhancement methods that DO NOT WORK:




Penis Pump Pic One of the most common product advertised for male enhancement is the penis pump. It can be seen on sale on the Internet, in adult bookstores and magazines, and even in drug stores.


The pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis and bringing blood to the tissue. This can assist men with extremely poor circulation to have an erection.


There is no actual medical evidence that penis pumps cause any actual increase in the size of the penis. Some men may even find that if they use a penis pump over a period of time that they will be unable to get an erection without using the pump.



Penis Weights Pic Men have used this method of male enhancement for hundreds of years. Basically you hang weight from your penis in order to stretch it. Many ancient and tribal people practiced this method.


Does it work? Over time, with regular use, you can achieve greater length using this method. The drawbacks include a thinner penis, and because of the stretched tissue, often less ability to achieve and maintain an erection.


This method can also cause decrease in blood circulation to the penis, which can lead to serious problems including tissue damage.



Surgery is a big step, and an expensive one. More importantly, it can lead to serious complications like infection. It can also lead to scar tissue formation which can cause a misshapen penis.


Surgery PicA common form of male enlargement surgery involves taking your body fat and injecting a small amount into the penis. This does not cause significant change in length, although it can make a difference in girth.


Some men have the connective tissue at the top of their penis cut, which does not actually enlarge the penis, but does cause it to put further out from the body. Of course, having less support, your penis will not stand up as far from your body as it did previous to the surgery.

Choosing the best male enhancement

We've talked about male enhancement methods that do not work. But not everything that's male enhancement is a scam. There are still solutions for men who feel they are undersized, who suffer from ejaculation, low sperm count or erectile problems, or who simply want to do better in the sex.


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