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Nowadays Permenda Ltd have become one of the market leaders in supplying clinically proven penis enlargement device (SizeGenetics) and penis exercises program (PenisHealth). SizeGenetics is the most effective penis enlargement device in the market supported by the medical community.


Clinically proven that SizeGenetics is the most secure solution for fast penis enlargement and permanent results, with an increase up to 3 inches.

SizeGenetics is the best device for giving:

Extra inches to your penis

Longer lasting during sex & orgasms

More hard erections, 100% fully strength

Increased sexual desire, due to increased blood flow to the penis


One thing you should note in penis enlargement is safety. So, don't buy the penis enlargement product first before 100% feel sure that you receive what is good fast and secure. And the SizeGenetics take your safety very seriously, which is why that has been clinically proven and certified as a medical type 1 device for guaranteed safe penis enlargement.


We strongly believe that the SizeGenetics is the most effective penis enlargement device on the market. Base on my own data from several clinical studies, doctor endorsements, and testimonials from users who have proved the device really work.


At SizeGenetics, manufacturers use only the best medical grade materials, and each device has passed the quality test before a very strict permitted for sale.


SizeGenetics device is guaranteed to increase the size of your penis within the first 4 months when used as directed. If you do not see any size gains after 4 months you will receive 100% your money back. The longer you wear the device, the larger the size of the penis will be.


Most people use the device for 2-3 hours a day at night and reach the desired length. If you want to get faster, this device is safe to use for 12 hours a day, because you can still feel comfortable to wear outside the house. Do you want to enlarge your penis as quickly as possible? It's easy, Order SizeGenetics™ Now!


When you order the SizeGenetics system today, you will receive immediate access to our online penis enlargement exercise program (PenisHealth). This means you can start improving your sexual stamina, penis size and staying power within just a few minutes.


Also get instant access to Lovecentria which includes 54+ Online DVD's of sexual advice which will turn you in to a much envied sexual expert. In as little as 2-3 days you can receive the clinically proven SizeGenetics device and really set about achieving your penis length and girth targets.

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