Sperm Volume Enhancement

If you are looking to "turbo charge" your ejaculation volume, for whatever reasons, then there are some pertinent questions you need to ask. But first, we need to establish why a man would want to have more ejaculate volume.


- The first reason is the perception that a stronger volume of sperm is more "manly" or "macho". If you could ejaculate "buckets" instead of dribbles, wouldn't you feel more potent ? Just watch those blue movies.


- Secondly is some men feel that if they ejaculate more semen during orgasm, they are experiencing better, more intense orgasms. This is of course debatable.


- The last reason is of course the need to increase the sperm count so as to have a baby. But this is a complex issue that is best left to the urologists.


Whatever the reasons, it is common knowledge that most women prefer their men to ejaculate larger rather than smaller amounts of semen & sperm during orgasms. A larger amount brings more pleasure to both parties and boosts the male ego ...especially if the act is oral in nature.

Do herbal sperm enhancing pills really work ?

From established western urologists to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians, aphrodisiac herbs have long been recommended to patients who want to achieve a higher sperm count, thicker semen, better quality sperm or larger ejaculation volume.


Powerful concoctions of herbs and other ingredients have been blended together to form "sperm producing pills". So, instead of hunting them down individually, it is now a breeze to just pop one of these herbal pills and enjoy the same benefits.


Typically, such pills contain ingredients like Solidin, Drilizen, Epimedium Sagittatum, Catuaba Bark, L-Arginine HGL, Muira Puama and much more. These ingredients are known aphrodisiacs that increase semen and sperm output among other duties.


They work by nourishing the various components of a complex male sexual system of organs : the ejaculatory ducts, the prostate gland, the vans deferens and so on. Like a fully-loaded and well-oiled gun, your penis will then be able to fire large shots of cum. Of course, these pills being aphrodisiac, will also boost your sex drive and harden your erections.


However, you should be careful of supplements that contain the herb Yohimbe. Although a powerful aphrodisiac, Yohimbe is being "watched" by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for possible negative side effects. So it best to avoid any product with Yohimbe as an ingredient.

So which herbal sperm pill should you buy?

We have researched and found 4 very popular products, high quality sperm and semen enhancing pills that are value for your investment. The companies distributing them are responsible entities and have been in business for many years. Do consider them if you need these sperm enhancers pills.

Semen enhancer pills comparison

  Volume Pills 5 Star Semenax 4 Star
Reputation Excellent Very Good
Product Quality BEST HIGH
Max. Sperm Increase Up to 500% Up to 500%
Time for Optimum Results 3 - 4 Months 4 - 5 Months
Money Back Guarantee 180 Days 60 Days
Backed by Doctor Yes Yes
Free Bonuses Many Many
Free Shipping Available for ALL Order Available for Large Order
Price start from $65.00 / Box $59.95 / Bottle
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  Vimax Volume 4 Star Performer5 3.5 Star
Reputation Good Good
Product Quality HIGH HIGH
Max. Sperm Increase Up to 500% Up to 500%
Time for Optimum Results 4 - 5 Months 4 - 6 Months
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 180 Days
Backed by Doctor Yes Yes
Free Bonuses Some Many
Free Shipping N/A Available for ALL Order
Price start from $59.95 / Bottle $68.95 / Box
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