How to Reduce a Turkey Neck Penis


One of the problems many men involved in penis enlargement have to face is the dislocation of scrotum skin, more commonly known as turkey neck. As the penis shaft grows in length, the skin covering it starts stretching in order to cope with the bigger penis. More often than not, this means that the skin covering the testicles is pulled forward and ends up covering the base of the shaft.


Since this skin is wrinkled, it tends to give the same look as that of a turkey neck. Many men find this to be very unsightly and can't help thinking that women are bound to dislike it. However, I find it worth pointing out that nobody is 100 percent sure that women find turkey necks unsightly.


Penis Turkey Neck

Still, men say that turkey necks sap their confidence and are keen to prevent or get rid of this condition. Since boosting confidence is one of the aims of penis enlargement, this means that we can't let this case of wandering skin to get in the way of a better sex life. Veterans of the penis enlargement movement have come up with two ways of preventing and getting rid of the turkey neck.


Both are based on the same principle so it's pretty easy to get the hang of them. The basic idea is that skin needs to be stretched in the opposite direction to the classic Jelq direction; I mean you should stretch from the base downwards. This will help force the skin to expand at the same pace as the penis instead of pulling skin from other parts of the body.


Men who are new to penis enlargement or have just started their enhancement programs and wish to avoid the possibility of getting a turkey neck in the future may choose to use testicle rings. These rings of steel are placed on the upper side of the testicles to prevent the skin from being pulled onto the base of the shaft.


Of course, you are going to have to wear the rings during each of your penis enlargement sessions, which may cause some new problems. It will take some time, but you will have to find out on your own how long you can wear the rings without feeling discomfort or pain. You should be very careful not wear rings that are too tight and may cut the supply of blood to the testicles.


The best way to deal with an existing case of turkey neck is to work the skin out a bit. Every day, while showering or during the warm down routine, you should grab your testicles gently and pull down on them about a hundred times. You can split this exercise into reps if it seems more convenient that way.


This exercise will help pull the skin back from the base of the shaft and encourage the growth of new skin to make up for the difference. Actually, this penis exercise has the added benefit of increasing the size of the scrotum, which is just as good as a bigger penis when it comes to impressing ladies in bed.


And there you have them, the two ways of preventing and getting rid of turkey neck. As with every other exercise that is part of your penis enlargement routines, please make sure you are going about it the right way and the old, but still important advice: be careful.