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Vimax patches are the easiest way to increase your penis size

Vimax Patch is pleased to offer you a natural and safe male enlargement product for permanently enlarge your penis size up to 4 inches, improving sexual health, and helping with the erection problems. By applying Vimax Patch on your body you can be more benefits like:


Increase in sexual desire

Stronger and more intense orgasms

Powerful erections when you aroused

Increase in sperm volume

Increase in self-confidence

Vimax Patch contain this following ingredients:

American & Siberian Ginseng - Sources of energy for the body and sexual stimulant

Fo-Ti - As a tonic to maintain youthful vigor, increase energy and restore fertility

Gotu Kola - This herb is known as an impotence remedy

Saw Palmetto - It is a general tonic for the male reproductive system

Damiana - As an aphrodisiac to improve sexual ability and treat impotence

Menthol - Is an effective topical antiseptic. It prepares the skin to accept the formula


Vimax Patch contain amazing formula not only enlarges your penis but also improves your sexual stamina and desire with no known side effects. Over 85% of our customers experience much more intense orgasms during intercourse. For best results we advice to use the patches for 4 - 5 months.


Vimax Patch offer you risk free 60 Days money back guarantee If for any reason you are not completely satisfied.